lördag 21 november 2009


In 6th grade on Vibyskolan you start with half class in particular NO. Students are then ready to enter the exciting NO-room and experiment "for real" for the first time. In order to generate interest and inspire the students I do many experiments and practical work in various ways. I educate myself on professional education for teachers this year and was inspired by my great teachers of the course, Hans Persson and Margareta Forsbäck. Many of the experiments which I will show here on my blog is just ideas from these two stars. Here for example I introduce Hasses experiment "bucket" where I built up a magic box with a little trick and it make colored water colorless. Colored water that is poured into the bucket comes out of the spout on the side without color. Where did the color go? The challenge for students was to figure out how this could be possible. How does it look inside the bucket? Think about it!

In september I went with my class to Cygnaeus school in Turku. I brought my "bucket" and had Samuel, Johan and Arvid to do the experiment for students in Finland. Here's how it looked!

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