söndag 27 februari 2011


Untitled from Sara-Maria Stenskepp on Vimeo.

Hot and cold water

What will happen when you put a bottle of hot colored water in a container filled with cold water?

tisdag 22 februari 2011

A technology day

This week we had a day filled with technology and grade 7 built cars, mostly out of trash. Here you see some of the beautiful cars. 

lördag 19 februari 2011


Today we went out. After a task in Hasse Perssons book "Experiments with Mathematics", we practically learned how we are dividing the circumference of a circle with its diameter to get Pi. We did this by using a stick and a rope. Students were placed along the rope and had to count there steps in a full circle.Then they walked the distance to the pin, the radius. The radius we then doubled to obtain the diameter of the circle. When we met up in the classroom again and reflected and discussed, we were dividing the circumference by the value of the diameter and we all got the answer 3. 

We got this great practice outside!


With the help of three hockey pucks and some string, you can prove the value of Pi. We did this by measuring the circumference of the puck with the help of a string.
Linn was assisting.

Linn placed the string over a number of pucks and clearly saw that the circumference of the hockey puck was the same as the diameter of three pucks and a bit more ...

The idea for this lab component comes from Hasse Persons book "Experiments with mathematics".

It is of course possible to use mouse pads, glass, rock rings or any other round object to this evidence. The circumference corresponds always a bit more than three diameters. 3,14 .................

Jumping Jack

We had technology in the 6th grade and worked on simple paper constructions. Among other things, the class made their own paper doll. Here are some results:

Look how happy pupils you get!

Invertebrates results

The paintings as grade 6 made by invertebrates are finished :) They are fantastic! It was really a fun task. With simple materials such as pieces of cloth, yarn, papier mache, and a lot of gluing they made this beautiful animals. Look and enjoy! 


They are large circled paintings filled with animals who will decorate an entire wall at the school.
These are then hopefully for educational purposes especially for the younger students.

I am so proud of all the fine contributions!